[How To] Get and Download Gibson Varitone Wiring Diagram

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Gibson Varitone Wiring Diagram. Most famously though it is a feature on Gibsons BB. This sheet produced by Gibson in the late 1970s describes the operation of an EB3 with series 2 circuitry see below.

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On this diagram you can see that this way of wiring can be used as an alterntive to the pot based tone control circuit. Gibson Lucille Varitone Stereo Wiring Diagram Free Oasis. Here are some images I fixed up to show the various wirings that Ive noodled around with on my Les Pauls and Flying Vs.

Gibson Lucille Std no Varitone Gibson M3schematic Gibson M3wiring Gibson Marauder Gibson Nicki Sixx Gibson RD77 Standard Guitar Gibson Ripper-L9S Gibson S1series1 Gibson S1series2.

I tried to down load the 345 diagram for the support page on the Gibson website but it kept giving me a file I couldnt open on my Mac. Im interested in doing a stealth version on my 335 sacrificing one of the tone pots and making the remai. Install the Gibson coil under the bridge pickup by carefully removing some of the center block. Original Gibson Epiphone guitar bass wiring diagrams listed by guitar model.